Keep yourself hydrated this Summer with a Watermelon Cocktail

Watermelons are vibrant, refreshing, and ubiquitous in summer. In fact, a summer cocktail menu is incomplete if one does not include this hydrating fruit that blends beautifully in any cocktail.

This favourite summer fruit has been consumed by us for over millennia. Archaeologists have found watermelon seeds that date back 5000 years ago in Libya. Paintings of watermelon have also been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs that date back over 4000 years. The ancient watermelons however were extremely different from the modern-day variety that we cherish today. It was not tender, bright red, and sweet. Instead, it was hard, bitter, pale, and unappetising. The ancient Egyptians valued the watermelon for its ability to retain water rather than for its taste. We all know that in the desert climate, very few things are valued more than water. Watermelon can remain edible for weeks if it is uncut and stored in a cool place. Since the ancient watermelons were unpleasant to eat, breeding this fruit to take out the hard texture and the bitter taste started. Soon, people started cultivating watermelons with the desired traits and it spread across different civilizations. The rest, as we say, was history.

The ancient Greek physicians like Hippocrates and Dioscorides have mentioned the healing properties of the watermelon. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, was also a fan of this delicious summer fruit and it has even been mentioned in the ancient Hebrew texts.

Watermelons are the true blessings of summer that are packed with vitamins and various nutrients that keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins from your body.

The Dunes

Refreshingly ideal for warm temperatures. This is one of the signature cocktails of Maybe Sammy, Sydney. It was inspired by the Rat Pack’s favourite haunts and The Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas was one of them.


  • 1 oz / 30 ml Gin
  • ¾ oz / 22 ml Fino Sherry
  • 1 oz / 30 ml Fresh Watermelon Juice
  • ½ oz / 15 ml Agave Syrup
  • ½ oz / 15 ml Lemon Juice
  • 3 Dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
  • Garnish: Rosemary Smoke Bubble


  • Add all the ingredients to the Shaker Tin
  • Hard shake and strain into a Glass.
  • Garnish with a Rosemary scented Smoke Bubble

Tasting Notes: A delicately flavoured fresh and fruity cocktail that is well balanced. Fresh Watermelon Juice imparts a wonderfully light flavour that complements the botanical notes of the Gin. This cocktail has just the right amount of sweetness and the Fino Sherry adds the savoury notes that balance the cocktail perfectly. The rosemary smoke adds to the botanical aroma of the Gin.

Food Pairing:

  • Small Plates: Cheese Platter; Tandoori Paneer Tikka; Guacamole Stuffed Mushrooms; Ciabatta Ham and Cheese Sandwiches; Smoky Bacon Wraps; Oysters; Smoked Salmon Bites; Shrimp and Avocado Appetizers; Amritsari Fish Tikka
  • Greens / Soups: Mushroom Bisque; Seafood Chowder; Caesar Salad; Smoked Trout, Fennel, and Cucumber Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing.
  • Big Plates: Oven Roasted Crispy Pork Belly served with Mashed Potatoes and Green Salad; Pulled Pork Burgers and Fries; Lobster Newberg; Basil, Lemon, and Crab Linguine; Crab Masala Fry with Tandoori Roti; Prawn Malai Curry served with Steamed Rice; Pan-Fried Grey Mullet with Stir Fry Vegetables; Fried Crawfish Po’Boy; Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts served with Sauteed Vegetables; Thai Red Curry with Steamed Rice; Kung Pao Chicken with Fried Rice; Tomato and Basil Pizza; Mushroom Risotto; Malai Kofta Curry with Steamed Rice or Lachha Paratha.
  • Desserts: Cherry Pie; Lemon Meringue Pie; Blackberry Macrons: Vanilla Ice Cream; Blueberry Cheesecake; Coconut Ladoos; Pista Burfi.

Originally published at on July 17, 2021.



I believe that great friends and great memories are made over cocktails. Cocktails should not merely be used to celebrate special occasions, but to elevate an o

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Perfect Potions

Perfect Potions

I believe that great friends and great memories are made over cocktails. Cocktails should not merely be used to celebrate special occasions, but to elevate an o